Water Based Systems

Second only to portable extinguishers, water-based automatic fire systems have been the most popular fire systems installed for more than an hundred years. Wet pipe, dry pipe, deluge, ESFR, and many variants of these systems are engineered, installed, inspected, and repaired by our team every day.

With a team of NICET III and IV designers on staff, we are a complete systems design house specializing in 2D, 3D, and collaborative design workflows. Many providers subcontract design work, an in house team allows us to hold our designs to the highest standards.

For more information regarding Victaulic Vortex systems, click here.

Wet Pipe and Dry Pipe Automatic Systems

A staple of fire protection for more than a hundred years, the automatic fire sprinkler system is ubiquitous and remains a standard of life safety. Each system is unique and complex requiring years of study and experience to install, inspect, and repair properly. Every day these systems save lives, and assets in the home, business, and industry.

Preaction, Deluge, and ESFR

More specialized water-based systems might be a better fit for your hazard. Dry pipe systems have become increasingly popular in the colder areas of the intermountain west, and deluge is a great value option for larger industrial applications.

Backflow Prevention

Backflow prevention is an integral part of fire systems, potable water, and irrigation alike. Protecting our clean water supply is everyone’s responsibility. Water authorities will often send reminders, and with many of our experienced team members familiar with all makes and models, we keep them inspected, tested, and in service.

Nitrogen Generators

Air and bacterium can eat your fire sprinkler system from the inside out. Internal pipe corrosion is common in all parts of the United States, and once it takes hold can be an expensive fix and a risk to your protected assets.

Nitrogen can help mitigate both corrosion from air, and bacterium growth. A nitrogen generator installed with your fire sprinkler system could save more than money.