Fire Alarm Systems

We are proud Elite Distributors of Gamewell-FCI and Gamewell Farenhyt products.


Fire alarm systems are often the first notification in an emergency, getting people to safety, and clearing the way for emergency personnel. A properly engineered detection and notification system is priceless, a poor system can cost everything. We configure systems to specification with industry leading products and NICET III certified designers on staff. With more than 40 years of experience, we’ve seen it all. We do play favorites when choosing the best components for installation, however, we service, repair, and inspect any and all fire alarm manufacturers’ systems.

ECS and Mass Notification

Clear communication is the most important variable in an emergency. In supplement to training, a speaker/strobe system, one-way or two-way emergency communication systems, and wide area notification help keep everyone in the know and organized in an event.


Beyond the humble photoelectric smoke detector, many advanced detection options have become popular among industries across the board. VESDA, optical flame detection, beam detectors, and other devices can fill the gaps left by conventional detection options for data center, museum, and other high value hazard applications. Installed in conjunction with special hazard fire suppression systems, these systems can provide the highest level of fire and life safety protection.