You may not give your fire systems much thought, until there’s an issue. A system operating at its best is never a nuisance. All systems need testing to verify they’re doing their jobs, and comply with the applicable State and Local codes..
Occasionally these systems may give you a not-so pleasant reminder it requires repair.
Our goal, no matter the manufacturer, is to ensure optimal functionality, excellent documentation, and quick response to any issue.


We are a turnkey solutions provider of all fire and life safety systems. From permits to final, we’re your partner in ensuring a quality installation that’s on time, and on budget.
Our installation teams are experienced industry leaders, sent often to manufacturer trainings, and provided with continuing education of new methods and technologies.


With a team of NICET III and IV designers on staff, we are a complete systems design house specializing in 2D, 3D, and collaborative design workflows. Many providers subcontract design work, an in house team allows us to hold our designs to the highest standards.

Fire Alarm Systems, Mass Notification, Advanced Detection, VESDA, and much more. We are proud Elite Partners of Honeywell-Gamewell FCI, and Honeywell-Farenhyt.

Automatic fire sprinkler systems and backflow prevention are staples of commercial and residential fire safety. Our expert team members are industry leaders in design, installation, and repair.

Special Hazard

Engineered clean agent systems for your data center, museum, and any high-value protection. We’ve got a solution to meet your hazard, and budget.


Wet Chemical Systems for your commercial kitchen, dry chemical systems for your hot rod paint shop. We’ve got a system to keep you cooking.


Reliable and fast transmission utilizing the industries’ best technology is our rule.
Fire alarms, security, elevator, area of egress; fast automatic communications when seconds matter.

Security &
Access Control

Visitors and employees need access to different areas. We specialize in smart, intuitive systems to ensure they’re where they need to be, and not where they shouldn’t.

Portable Fire Extinguishers

The staple of fire and life safety equipment. One here or there, or thousands at a time, we have the tools and expertise to keep them in service.

Emergency & Exit Lighting

Keeping the lights on and clearly indicated exits help everyone get out safely in the event of an emergency.