Aero-K Suppression Systems

Aero-K is a new non-toxic aerosol fire suppression technology which is ten times more effective by mass than other clean agent system alternatives. Compact, and virtually maintenance free Aero-K requires no piping, no floor space, and can be easily reconfigured to adapt to changing room environments. Also, unlike FM200, Novec, Vortex, or other clean agent systems Aero-K suppression systems do not require a room integrity fan test. Fast response times, a low fire extinguishing concentration, and the environmental safety benefits have made Aero-K a new favorite across a wide range of industries. Aero-K is UL, and UL Canada tested to NFPA standards, and is the only aerosol product on the market to be listed on the GSA Advantage Contract. From design, installation, and inspection, we proudly provide Aero-K Fire Suppression Systems. See below for more information:

Aero-K Sales Sheet

Aero-K User Handout