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Gamewell FCI Distributorship

We’re excited to announce that AAA Fire Safety & Alarm is now a direct distributor of Gamewell-FCI and Silent Knight Farenhyt by Honeywell systems. GWFCI brings a new line of the highest quality products, giving us another solution to an already wide range of options for custom value engineered fire alarm, detection, and mass notification systems. Any hazard, any use case; AAA Fire has the solution and experience.

VESDA by Xtralis

VESDA, a very early warning aspirating smoke detection system, is not only the most accurate and dependable detection option, the core technology is the benchmark for which other detection methods are tested against. With the ability to sense smoke from the very earliest stages of a fire, VESDA is the first choice for many fire protection systems including FM200, NOVEC 1230, VORTEX, CO2, and many other clean agent and special hazard systems. Call us today to find out how VESDA can work for your integrated fire protection systems, and click on the link below for a short video demonstration to see how VESDA stacks up against other detection methods.

VESDA Advanced Smoke Detection Demonstration

VESDA Product Line Brochure

Aero-K Suppression Systems

Aero-K is a new non-toxic aerosol fire suppression technology which is ten times more effective by mass than other clean agent system alternatives. Compact, and virtually maintenance free Aero-K requires no piping, no floor space, and can be easily reconfigured to adapt to changing room environments. Also, unlike FM200, Novec, Vortex, or other clean agent systems Aero-K suppression systems do not require a room integrity fan test. Fast response times, a low fire extinguishing concentration, and the environmental safety benefits have made Aero-K a new favorite across a wide range of industries. Aero-K is UL, and UL Canada tested to NFPA standards, and is the only aerosol product on the market to be listed on the GSA Advantage Contract. From design, installation, and inspection, we proudly provide Aero-K Fire Suppression Systems. See below for more information:

Aero-K Sales Sheet

Aero-K User Handout

Fire Alarms

Fire AlarmsWith over 30 years of experience and some of the industry's highest certifications, AAA Fire Safety & Alarm is a full service fire alarm contractor. Their services include design, installation, maintenance MORE...
Fire Sprinkler Systems

Fire Sprinkler SysgtmesThe Staff of AAA Fire Safety & Alarm are among the most experienced in the industry. We offer design, installation, maintenance, repairs and inspections MORE...
Restaurant Fire Suppression

Restaurant Fire SuppressionAAA Fire Safety & Alarm offers many different brands of wet chemical fire suppression systems. These systems are customized to fit your specifications. Technicians of AAA Fire Safety & Alarm are licensed MORE...
Clean Agent Systems

Clean Agent SystemsWater based automatic fire sprinkler systems only provide a basic level of protection against fires. High value or sensitive areas such as server rooms, libraries, or museums benefit greatly from a clean MORE...
Fire Extinguishers

Fire ExtinguisherFire Extinguishers offer the first line of defense against fires. There are many types of hazards to be protected by fire extinguishers. Fire extinguishers that may be safe or effective on one type of hazard may not be on another one. MORE...
Fire Pumps

Fire PumpFire pumps provide supplementary water pressure for fire sprinkler systems. AAA Fire Safety & Alarm provides design, installation, testing and maintenance MORE...
Security / CCTV / Access Control

Security / CCYV / Access ControlAAA Fire Safety & Alarm offers a wide range of security solutions, each customized for your specific needs. From home security, to large commercial MORE...
Central Station Monitoring

Central Station MonitoringCentral Station Monitoring provides fast, automatic and reliable transmission of alarm signals to central station operators for dispatch of emergency services and notification to account responsible parties 24 hours a day. MORE...
Industrial Dry Chemical Fire Suppression

Industrial Dry Chemical Fire Suppression AAA Fire Safety & Alarm, Inc. offers a full line of dry chemical fire suppression systems. We provide design, installation, maintenance and inspection. MORE...
Special Hazard Systems

Speical Hazard SystemsThere are numerous applications for specialized fire suppression systems. We offer CO2, Argon, Foam, Water Mist, Deluge Fire sprinkler, Total Flood Dry Chemical MORE...
Backflow Preventers

Backflow Preventer AAA Fire Safety & Alarm employes technicians trained and certified for the testing and installation of backflow preventers. Backflow preventers are often installed on fire sprinkler systems, MORE...
Fire Hydrants

Fire HydrantsAAA Fire Safety & Alarm provides annual service, 5-Year full flow tests and water supply analysis. MORE...